To proceed with the registration proccess, the following contract must be read and accepted

Conditions of use of the suppliers' area Prisa

To proceed with the registration process, the following contract must be read and accepted.

Terms of Use of the Electronic Purchasing Platform

Preliminary Note: The word "supplier" is also used in the current document for those companies which are not actually suppliers of Grupo Promotora de Informaciones, S.A. (from now on PRISA) but who merely endeavour to establish a business relationship.

One main condition to fulfil for the companies that are active suppliers of PRISA or companies that wish to register to take part in future purchasing negotiations through the web portal is the introduction, into the portal, of the company's general description.

There is no legal right by the supplier to participate in the requests for quotation.

According to internal decision criteria, PRISA reserves the right to select or exclude suppliers out of the platform.

A main user will be established for every supplier registered into the purchasing portal.

The main user acts on behalf of the supplier and he has to maintain his data constantly updated. Acting as the company’s coordinator, he is in charge of the registration and delete of future users as well as keeping updated the company and users data.

The supplier will be informed of the access data for the company's main user.

This data is to be treated confidentially as well as to further users. Access data is personal and untransferable and access to the platform is to be restricted only to people directly involved in the business relationship.

Access passwords chosen must have an adequate complexity and be changed regularly by the main user.

All information and documents exchanged in the context of our business relationship must be treated with extreme confidentiality.

Drawings, descriptions, specifications and similar may be saved and duplicated only in the context of operational requirements.

In the event of sharing information with third partiesby suppliers (e.g. outsourcing) confidentiality of the information shared must be guaranteed.

The supplier is responsible for his access to the platform ("Internet Access") which does not have any cost.

All parties involved, agree to maintain the appropriate security measures according to the current technological standards.

The supplier commits himself not to put into the platform any documents, file or data that may damage or prevent its correct functioning.

In particular, measures must be taken to prevent any kind of virus contamination.

The supplier agrees to use and keep updated a well known anti-virus software.

Electronically format offers transmitted are fully valid and those sent via phone or fax are legally binding.

Only contractual terms as well as the offers introduced into the platform, will be taken into account. Any additional comment will not be binding unless it is confirmed by PRISA by writing.

The personal information that the supplier sends through the purchasing area will be included in a file under the responsibility of Promotora de Informaciones, S.A., with address at calle Gran Vía 32, 6ª, 28013 in Madrid, in order to maintain the business relationship and to manage other services related to it. The legal basis that legitimizes the processing of data is the need to execute a contract or for the application of pre-contractual measures.

You are hereby informed that your personal data may be transferred exclusively to other PRISA Group companies for the same purposes as stated in the previous paragraph. In this sense, both PRISA and the rest of the companies belonging to its business group undertake to use their data exclusively to request offers and send communications relating to the Group's purchasing function by any means, including e-mail, and not to provide their data to third parties without their prior consent.

Your personal data will be processed during the term of the business relationship and will subsequently be kept for 15 years to meet possible responsibilities arising from the processing.

If you provide personal data of third parties, you guarantee that you have informed them of the processing of their data in accordance with the provisions of this document and that you have sufficient legal capacity to act on their behalf and exempt the data controller from any liability arising from a lack of information or capacity.

PRISA informs you that at any time you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, suppression, opposition, limitation and portability before PRISA by writing to the address Gran Vía 32, 6ª, 28013 in Madrid, providing a photocopy of your identity card or equivalent document and identifying the right requested. Likewise, in the event that your right to the protection of personal data is deemed to have been violated, you may file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( or with PRISA's data protection delegate (

Upon registration, the supplier company accepts all the conditions listed above.